The White Hart

The other day me and Russell went to one of my favourite pubs in Oxford – The White Hart. Now if I wasn’t dating a boy who seems to have a 6th sense for finding beautiful old local pubs serving amazing food in the middle of nowhere I never would have found this place. It is situated in old Headington just outside of Oxford city centre meaning to get there we walked down lots of wiggly little lanes past beautiful old cottages in true Oxford village style and a lovely little church just opposite the pub.

It is very much a traditional pub and I am told by my boyfriend sells a lot of good pints (I wouldn’t know as I don’t actually like alcohol!) but what I do know is that the food is amazing. The first time we went just before Christmas I was utterly amazed by the list of award winning pies that they serve (see above) as I strongly believe there is nothing better than a good pie and chips in winter. However this time we both decided to go for the burger and the meat sharing platter to start. The portions are huge but the food is so good that you can’t help but keep eating until you are completely full. Both me and my boyfriend agreed we probably could have shared the burger and still have had plenty to eat.

I can’t wait to go back again possibly post exams and assignment hand ins. What’s your favourite place to eat? Do you like pub food too?

Bye for now!


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