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Borrowed Barbours And Boots

The other weekend me and my boyfriend decided to go for a nice relaxing weekend in the Scottish countryside. As I’ve said before I am lucky enough to be dating a guy whose parents have a lovely Scottish cottage full of wood fires and comfy chairs surrounded by beautiful scenery perfect for a walk or two and a weekend getaway from all the the stress of life.
We took these photos on a walk with the dogs, I had planned to do a full outfit post however silly me forgot to check my battery in my camera before leaving the house and as soon as I turned my camera on the battery died. So instead of just giving up we decided to take a few snapshots on the iPhone for me to share with you. 
Since moving to the middle of nowhere in Hereford I have found I have a fondness for traditional country attire that I never thought I’d have and so the chance to dress up in my boyfriends Barbour was too good to be missed. Its unbelievably comfy and warm and fit surprisingly well for a man’s coat, this definitely won’t be the last time I borrow this one. It was quite muddy so I borrowed some hunter wellies off Russell’s Mum which are also super comfy! The scarf is a new one from New Look and I just love the autumn colours running throughout, it’s also really cosy and warm.    

As you can see the autumn leaves were out in their full glory and the colours were just gorgeous. I know it will soon be winter and all the bright colours of autumn will be gone and so I am desperately trying to make the most of it whilst it lasts. I hope you are all enjoying the transition from autumn to winter at the moment.

God bless!

What I wore……
Coat – Barbour | Scarf – New Look | Jeans – New Look | Boots – Hunters

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