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What I Got For Christmas

I was so lucky to get some really beautiful and lovely presents this Christmas and I thought I’d like to do a little round up of a few of the things I was given.  
In this picture:
The Bronte Sisters Book – I absolutely love reading, the Bronte’s and beautifully decorated books and so this was a definite favourite this year from my future parents in law. I can’t wait to get stuck into this in the next few cold months. 
Jane Austen Writing Set – Another favourite of mine is Jane Austen and so this writing set with cards decorated with beautiful quotes from the woman herself is just perfect. I’m not sure I’ll be able to send any away to people I think I will just keep them all for myself!
Lush Products – A big love of mine is lush and although not strictly a Christmas present I thought I’d include them in here. I was lucky enough to be given a bag full of Christmas lush bath products from my fiancé that he picked up in the sale for me as a surprise ( I am a lucky girl). I got 5 products in total including The Magic Of Christmas Wand, The Magic Wand Bubble Bar, a Butter Bear, a Cinder bath bomb and a Star Light Star Bright. 
Bobble Bunting – This bobble bunting is the best thing ever! Made by my amazing future sister in law it’s going to be put up on my wall at uni and I shall clip post cards and pictures to the miniture pegs dotted in between the felt balls. 
Ginger Sheep Soap – This is just the cutest little sheep soap, it smells so good and it looks really sweet. I’m a sucker for an animal shaped soap (I also have a whole pig family made from soap at home)

In this picture:
The National Trust Recipe Book – As I said before I love to read, I also love to cook and so cookery books for me are the best as they combine the two! A lot of people think I am strange but I am one of those people that likes to read a cookery book like a normal book, especially the introduction so I am very excited for this one. I love the National Trust having membership myself but I’ve never bought a cookery book from them before so I can’t wait to use it in the new year. 
The Natural Cook – As I have mentioned in previous posts I am very interested in nutrition and healthy eating especially as I have been on a mainly plantbased diet now for almost 4 months and so I was very excited to receive this book from my fiancé. There is also a big introduction in the front which is always my favourite bit as I love to learn more about nutrition and different diets. 
The Little Coaster – The coaster was a little present from my other sister in law and on it there is a lovely bible verse which will help me to remember how amazing God is throughout my days. 
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Let me know in the comments what you got, I love to hear about everyone’s presents. 


3 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas”

  1. Such great gifts! That Brontë book is absolutely gorgeous!
    I received many lovely things but I think my favorite thing about this year was wrapping the gifts I gave. XD


  2. Such great gifts! That Brontë book is absolutely gorgeous!
    I received many lovely things but I think my favorite thing about this year was wrapping the gifts I gave. XD


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