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Super Easy Vegan Tomato and Spinach Crostini

Today is the beginning of something a little new on here. As I mentioned in my previous post I eat a plant based diet and I love to cook, it’s something that takes up a big part of my life and I really wanted to share it on here with you guys. And so I have decided to start up a new feature on this blog called Foodie Fridays. Each week I will be sharing something to do with food and a plant based diet such as recipes, cookbook reviews, restaurant reviews and much more. I’m really excited to start this new section of my blog and I hope you will enjoy it.  

I love the word crostini! The whole time I was making this I was saying it in an absolutely awful Italian accent but it has to be done, I think it makes the food taste better. The word crostini essentially means toasted bread with a topping and that is simply all that these are. Like a fancy beans on toast. These were a complete experiment after a saw a picture of some bruschetta and it gave me a craving. I raided the fridge to see what I could find and come up with these. They are delicious! And so simple, they make a great snack or lunch or even starter to a dinner a party and you can easily recreate them with different ingredients, fridge raiding is always the best way to discover new tasty foods I find.

Two large Handfuls of Spinach
Two Ripe Tomatoes
Two Slices of Bread Toasted
Two cloves of Garlic Chopped Small or Crushed
A Glug of Olive Oil

1. Chop the Tomatoes into small chunks then slice the garlic thinly and chop into small pieces or use a garlic crusher.
2. Put a glug of olive oil into a frying pan and put onto the heat allowing it to warm up slightly.
3. Add the tomato, garlic and spinach the the frying pan and cook until the spinach has wilted down completely and the tomatoes have turned into more of a chunky paste.
4. Toast the two pieces of bread and then put on a plate, top with the tomatoe spinach mix and serve.

And it’s as easy as that. So simple, so yummy and super healthy, who wouldn’t enjoy this great dish?      


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