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Stripes And Peonies

The sun in Oxford seems to have come and gone for this summer and instead its been replaced with tropical thunderstorms and the occasional hail storm. I’m hoping the weather will pick up again soon so I can have a chance to wear my pretty summer dresses although it may mean donning some skin colour tights too! For now I am back to wearing my trousers and I can’t resist a 50s style crop, I love wearing pedal pushers as it makes me feel like Trixie from call the midwife. The top is slightly cropped and also 50s style but its taken me a little bit of time to get the confidence to wear it. I wrote a while ago about my journey with healthy eating and lifestyle and I am now starting to see more of an effect. Working from home has meant I’ve been able to exercise a lot more and I am really proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I can already see a difference and feel much more comfortable in my clothes.
I couldn’t resist having these gorgeous peonies in the photos as they are my absolute favourite flowers and unfortunately only bloom for about a month each year. I am lucky enough to have been bought two bunches by my lovely fiancé but these ones were the most spectacular with beautiful baby pink heads growing to the size of my hand and bigger!

What I Wore…
Top – Primark | Trousers – Asos | Shoes – Clarks 

6 thoughts on “Stripes And Peonies”

  1. I like peonies, too! You look lovely, I liked the top and the trousers! Very nice to work from home, so you can exercise more. If only I followed your example… I have to! Hope you have a nice weekend! Maybe with some sun? Hopefully!


  2. hello there,ciao…maybe the English Sun come and gone in these days…but…You bring the Sunshine with Your Style…cheers!
    the peonies are a wonderful coloured flower…nice!


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