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And the summer continues! I am loving this glorious weather and not just because it gives me a chance to wear all my pretty summer dresses. Unfortunately Russell is working full time at the moment to save some money for our wedding/honeymoon and so he has missed a lot of the sunshine but we are still managing to catch the odd day off and the warm air tends to continue into the evening here. I’ve really enjoyed our new summer habit we’ve been making of going for a walk after dinner, its a great way to get some fresh air, catch up and sort my thoughts out a bit before bed. The city seems a lot calmer as dusk falls and we’ve even spied a few rabbits whilst watching the sun set in the distance.

These photos were taken on our last day of our mini break to Rutland, we decided to extend our holiday by stopping off at a few places on the way home and of course that meant a National Trust. Lyveden was an interesting National Trust and very different to most we’ve been too, it’s a beautiful Elizabethan country manor house that was never finished due to the owner dying before its completion. It was very interesting to wander around and see where floors would have been or fireplaces and I thought it would make a fabulous location for a fairytale style photoshoot in the future. The gardens and grounds around the estate were very pretty with a moat surrounding one half and we enjoyed the beautiful wild flowers everywhere as we wandered around. It was a lovely stop off on our way home and I’d definitely like to go back.

What I Wore…
Dress – Hell Bunny | Shoes – Old | Sunglasses – Tribe 

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