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Hello my name is Rachel, the 23 year old writer of this little blog. Originally from a small place called The Wirral (or Liverpool as I say to those who have never heard of the Wirral) I now live and work in Oxford with my husband. Not being a big city kind of gal I do spend as much of time as I can outdoors in the countryside away from the noise and in the fresh air. On my days off you will usually find me floating around a National Trust wearing a pretty vintage dress, taking a walk through the countryside in my wellies or tucked in a corner reading. I am studying creative writing at Oxford University and hope to one day run away to a little cottage in the Scottish countryside with my husband where I will spend my days writing by the fire.  

My blog centres around enjoying the simple things in life, slow living, the outdoors, travel and vintage fashion. I am a big lover of travelling especially around my own country, I spent a lot of my holidays as a child abroad which was fantastic but also meant I didn’t get much of a chance to appreciate the beautiful country I live in. My goal now is to take as many trips as I can around the UK and share my adventures here. It is important to me that we promote travel here in the UK and by investing in our local economy help to preserve our amazing culture and countryside.

My photography is mostly (the shots with me in) taken by my amazing husband Russell, you can check out his drinks and cigar blog here, he is incredibly patient and talented and I really couldn’t do this blog without him.      

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